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The Playful Learning Academy

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The Playful Learning Academy

Mission Mission Statement: To provide a high-quality, developmentally-appropriate, educational early childhood experience in a nurturing, safe, and engaging home-based environment that fosters active learning. Vision: To instill, in each child, a genuine desire for lifelong learning, and to expose children to a variety of concepts and skill sets early enough to ensure confidence and competency in kindergarten. Description The Playful Learning Academy is a licensed home based child care in Eagan, MN, owned and operated by Sarah Price. Sarah is a MN licensed teacher with 15 years experience in Preschool and Elementary education. Sarah is also certified in CPR and First-Aid. Our daily activities are designed to provide appropriate experiences in the following early childhood development areas: Social Development • Getting along in groups • Learning responsible behavior • Expressing feelings appropriately • Respecting differences Cognitive Development • Promoting curiosity by encouraging observation, exploration and experimentation • Building reading and writing skills • Providing experience with math and science Language Development • Listening • Speaking • Following directions Physical Development • Developing fine and gross motor skills • Increasing body awareness • Improving eye-hand coordination and perceptual skills • Exploring rhythm and movement Emotional Development • Promoting positive self image • Fostering cooperation • Developing independence, initiative, and trust Creative Representation • Encouraging talents • Fostering imagination and creativity • Supporting and expanding ideas • Building skill sets • Experiencing art, music, drama, and dance CALL TODAY TO SCHEDULE A TOUR! Phone: (612) 770-4831 Address: 1850 Jade Lane Eagan, MN 55122 E-mail: sprice@theplayfullearningacademy.com VISIT US ON THE WEB! Website: theplayfullearningacademy.com HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON!

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