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Kingdom Kidz Child Development Center

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Child Development Center. The primary purpose; of Kingdom Kidz Child Development Center is to provide your child a Christian learning environment and enhance their physical, intellectual, social and emotional development.

By choosing Mississippi Early Learning Curriculum incorporated with faith-based resources, Kingdom Kidz Child Development Center offers a developmentally appropriate child-oriented curriculum, meeting the needs of the whole child through play-based early learning experiences. The play environment provides many opportunities for exploring, experimenting, problem-solving, communicating, and cooperating. Research has shown that young children who are supported in their social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development have lasting social and academic success in kindergarten and beyond.

Our Curriculum provides a range of age-appropriate activities designed to lay a foundation for understanding self, family, others, the natural world, God, Jesus and the Bible.

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Many schools and daycare centers offer special services such as bi-lingual and translation services, food programs, special needs assistance.

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